Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes! And we make every effort to ensure that your shopping experience is as effortless as possible - no matter where home is.
Our gift to you is Free Shipping within the Continental USA and Bermuda.
Enzuri Beauty online orders are processed and shipped on business days (Monday - Friday, excluding major holidays). Orders are shipped via FedEx or DHL. Please allow 2 - 3 business days after placing your order for processing and shipping, depending on product availability. For Expedited orders, your shipping rate will be automatically calculated at checkout.
Orders will not be shipped to P.O. Boxes.
Please review our shipping policy on the website for further details.

General Customer Service
Q: Bottles - do you sell refills or have a “take back” program?
A: We love the idea of refills and currently looking into how to best support our collection. Researching the refill packets that would meet our expectations (environmentally safe, sturdy, no plastic, and absolutely beautiful) and protects our ingredients. Our formulas maintain their highest integrity when housed in dark protective Miron glass bottles. This has always been our commitment from day one.
Our community support our collection for not just a bit of luxury but also for our commitment to body and planet-positive ingredients and efficacious formulas. Our promise is to deliver an enjoyable experience in every aspect of your ritual, that supports your skin, body and spirit.
So for now, the best thing to do is reuse our packaging on your own, recycling at the end of its lifecycle. Our bottles are perfect for different oils, vinegar, honey, and so on, keeping nutrition intact far longer than ingredients held in clear or brown glass, or any kind of plastic.

Skincare Rituals Questions and Thoughts
I speak from a place of practicing what you preach. I believe that beautiful skin is a lifestyle and by taking a holistic approach to skincare is the best way to achieve that. First of all, love your skin. The more you love your skin and yourself it shows. Beauty is a reflection of your inner self. Take the time to prioritize your needs and embrace the moments you create to spend time alone. Allow your body to rest and eat well. And when you are at your best it shows!  Some questions I have been asked:

Q: What is the best method for maintaining balanced skin?
A: The ideal method for maintaining balanced skin is keeping a consistent skin care routine and avoiding harsh chemicals that can strip the skin and create more blemishes. Additionally, a diet rich in water, fresh fruits and vegetables and low in preservatives is also important.

Q: What are things to consider when choosing a skincare line to use?
A: It is very important to me that a skincare line should be made with high quality ingredients that each serve a specific purpose. Skincare should be free of phthalates, paraben preservatives, added fragrances and dyes. We feel this is extremely important because research shows that chemicals can negatively affect both the outer skin and also our hormonal system.


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